Winter Office: Friedberg JCC • 15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • 516.766.4341

Summer Office: Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds • 75 Colonial Springs Road • Wheatley Heights, NY  11798

Camp Office: 631.920.6439 • Wellness Center: 631.643.6285 • Wellness Center Fax: 631.643.2022


Sunrise Day Camp – Long Island 

Deanna Slade
Director, Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island 516.634.4193
Dan Silver
Year Round Program Coordinator and Assistant Camp Director 516.634.4193


Dr. Mark Atlas
Medical Director  516.634.4146
Long Island Transportation
Coordinator 516.634.4193
Brielle Brook
Camp Registrar, Administrative Coordinator 516.634.4199
Tori Kroll
Administrative Assistant  516.634.4199

Sunrise On Wheels – Long Island  

Dulcie Auerfeld
Senior Coordinator
Sunrise On Wheels 516.634.4017
Nicole Faber
Coordinator Sunrise on Wheels and Liaison for Sunshine from Sunrise 516.634.4017
Emily Willens
Coordinator of Sunrise on Wheels 516.634.4017

SunriseWALKS Long Island

Stacey Gross
SunriseWALKS Long Island Coordinator

 Sunrise Association 

Arnie Preminger, MSW
President & CEO 516.634.4144
Michele Vernon, MSW
Senior Vice President  for Camping & Related Services 516.634.4146
Bonnie Flatow, MT (ASCP)
Senior Vice President for Hospital & Community Services 516.634.4158
Beth Fetner
Senior Vice President for Development 516.634.4196
Aileen Hoffman
Vice President,
SunriseWALKS & Standards 516.634.4188