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 Opportunities at Camp and Year-Round Programs

Our staff is very diverse and includes high school students ages 17 and above, college students, graduate students, teachers, and professionals of various backgrounds.  All staff, whether paid or volunteer fulfill the same roles in camp.  They are counselors, assistant unit heads, unit heads, and specialists.

Positions available include, junior counselors, counselors, activity specialists, assistant unit heads, unit heads. All staff may choose to be volunteers or paid and are assigned to work with an age group or a specialty area for the duration of their commitment.


What’s the difference between a volunteer and paid staff position?

Volunteers are considered full staff members, who have chosen to work at our camp without financial compensation.  Whereas paid staff are required to commit for the entire camp season, volunteers need to commit to working for a minimum of  four consecutive weeks, of their choosing.  This is to allow volunteers to become an integral part of the camp staff team and for the campers to have a sense of continuity as well as time to develop a trusting and supportive relationship with them.

Though volunteers are not required to work for the full summer, they are an integral part of our community, participating fully in staff training and have all the same responsibilities in working with our children and their fellow staff as their paid counterparts. Volunteers are expected to uphold all the values and guidelines of the camp community as stated in our staff manual and reviewed during both orientation and regular staff meetings at the campgrounds.  Staff orientations are held both at the campgrounds in Wheatley Heights and at the Friedberg JCC in Oceanside, prior to the summer.

If you are considering becoming a volunteer staff member, please download the volunteer application and reference forms and be sure to designate the four weeks for which you are available to work. If your dates are flexible, please make note of that as well.

If you are considering becoming a paid staff member, please download the staff application and reference forms.

All potential candidates will be contacted based on available positions and consideration of individual skills, background and dates available to work.


Special Volunteer program for 16 year olds

If you are 16, you are welcome to become a Sunrise volunteer.  Get in on the ground floor and be trained to work as a junior counselor.  As with all volunteers, you may select to be on staff for a minimum of four consecutive weeks up to the full summer and are required to participate in staff training prior to and during the summer session.


Volunteer Opportunities other than Camp

From time to time we have need for volunteer services other than direct work with campers.  Possible opportunities include, office work, activity preparation, facility clean up, helping in advance of or at our Walkathon, to name a few.

Call our office at 516.634.4199  to inquire about what current needs might be.


 jess.jpgIn-Hospital Programs

Sunrise on Wheels is a truly unique hospital outreach program, offered as part of Sunrise Day Camp’s year-round programming. Our consistent presence in both inpatient and outpatient areas helps support children struggling with cancer, while creating the happiness that leads to healing. To learn more about this rewarding program, please contact:
Dulcie Auerfeld, Senior Coordinator of Sunrise on Wheels:






How do I apply?

Just download the appropriate application below along with the reference forms.  After all references are received, pending staff openings, we will contact you for an interview. Please note the the primary mode of contact will be email so please provide a current email address that can be checked frequently.

Staff/Camp Volunteer Application Forms:

Please click on the Staff Application button on the right hand column.

Sunrise on Wheels Volunteer Application Forms*:

*Please download the PDF to your desktop, and then open with Adobe Reader (5.0 or later), Adobe Acrobat, or Mac Preview, before typing in the information. If you’re using Adobe Reader/Acrobat, please “Save” before emailing. If you’re using Mac Preview, please select “File –> Print –> PDF –> Save as PDF”**